Understanding Your Muzzleloader
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by Doug Blair

I hope to create an atmosphere to simplify the understanding of muzzleloaders. I have noticed how alot of newcomers are intimidated by the differences between modern guns and muzzleloaders. I hope this page will help and encourage any newcomers to give this wonderful sport a try. Have fun, and please feel free to send me comments you may have. Keep yer powder dry!

Reasons to like muzzleloading.

In today's society with the hustle and bustle it is refreshing to be able to do something that is deliberate laid back and slower. Everything about muzzleloaders is tortus slow compared to the hare pace of a modern firearm. Everything about this sport is fun and relaxing from the cleaning to the shooting and you can also make numerous things that go with this sport from powder horns to your own balls or bullets. Not to mention your own time period clothing. There are so many different aspects of muzzleloading from buckskinners and flintlocks to the modern shooters and their in-lines. To me muzzleloading means a sense of being able to step back in time when things were less complex than now, a time when things moved at a slower pace and when people were self sufficient. It also means more time in the woods to hunt as there are special seasons for the hunter who use smokepoles. Two hours shooting a muzzleloader is better than a week at the psychiatrist and it is a lot easier on the bank account! If you like things fast and furious then muzzleloaders aren't for you. If you like things laid back and relaxed then no matter who you are or where you live this sport is for you. In the following pages I will discuss topics on loading, black powder and black powder substitutes, flintlocks, and a host of other aspects of the muzzleloader.

Blackpowder and Blackpowder Substitutes

To Flintlock Page

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