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Tip on installing Weaver style bases

Posted by: 1SHOT-1KILL - 12/16/2001 (7:26 p.m.) -
The Savage action, including the 10ML & 10ML-II, have a longer than normal span between the front and rear bridges. If you turn the Weaver style mounts, so that the ring slots or facing inward toward the port, it will allow the rings to be fitted on the scope between the front and rear objective bells. It will allow you about 1/2" of movement to aligne the scope. This is with standard scopes not compact scopes. Compact scopes will require dual extension rings.

A set of Medium rings will allow the mounting of up to 44mm front objectives. 50mm ojectives require a set of high rings. Also for longer scopes you may have to remove the rear sight. One screw is all you have to remove to remove the rear sight. If you want to remove the front sight, drift the blade sight out and reomve the one screw under it. Also if you use scope covers or flip up scope cover you may have to remove the rear sight as well.

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