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Barrel lapping

Posted by: 1SHOT-1KILL - 12/22/2001 (10:09 p.m.) -
You may not smooth out all the rifling marks, even with a 1000 passes (using J-B compound). I can tell you from experience that, with 100 passes, you are about half way there. On my stainless, I use 200 lapping strokes before I fire the first shot. Thats becuase stainless does not cut as cleanly as chrome-moly, it has a tendecy to leave razor edges on the rifling. I know this from many stainless barrels that I have bore scoped. All the higher quality custom barrel makers, that make match grade barrel, hand lap their barrels, especially stainless, before shipping.

I would not be real concerned about removing these marks on the rifling, I would be more concerned about the razor edges on the rifling. These razor edges will help shred the sabots, especailly at these high pressures and velocities.

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