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Primers magnum or standard

In cold weather you need a magnum primer. The LIL'GUN is a "ball powder" and a magnum primer don't hurt anything with this powder if the temps are in the 80's. Make sure you fire one primer through your gun before you load it. I have noticed if I don't I will get a mis-fire on the first shot.

Caution, if you have a mis-fire, make sure you reseat the bullet before you reprime the gun. I don't think smokeless will hurt the barrel if the bullet is up the barrel but you will more than likely have another mis-fire if you don't.

Smokeless requires some pressure generated by the primer to get it to going, and a small amount of oil or grease will cause a mis-fire. Make sure you clean all the oil out of the barrel, then fire a primer in the gun and then use another cleaning patch to get the rest of the oil/grease out of the barrel. A loose-fitting sabot will also cause a mis-fire, because it starts moving before the primer can generate enough pressure to ignite the powder. Also a light bullet will aggravate this situation, especially if it is loose-fitting.

The reason for the firm crimp on some pistol cartridges is to hold the bullet in place to get the powder burning. A tight-fitting sabot serves the same purpose in the Savage.

Bad Primers-Caution
Posted by: Doug/VA - 12/31/2001 (1:54 p.m.) -
TJ, I don't think the cold is effecting the sabots as much as it does the powder. If you are using your gun in real cold weather you need to use a magnum primer. You loose a lot of heat from the fire as it goes through the breechplug when it is cold. The hottest primer is the Federal 209A, but they stick in the face of the bolt on my gun. You only have one shot, and might be worth using them, plus taking along a combo tool to remove the primer from the bolt face.

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