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Welcome to the Savage archive web page. I hope you will find anything your are looking for here.

Here we will discuss loads, and hopefully a bit of history of the "Smokeless muzzleloader". In the pages that follow will be loads with several different kinds of powder and different weight bullets. I hope your visit is an educational, and enjoyable one. Come back often, as this site will be updated frequently.

Since this site will be updated using data from several sources, people may or may not have the same results. However if you have some data you would like included on this site, please email me by using the link below.

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I hope to update this page often as new information comes avalable, where it be about the Savage or loading data.

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What's New? For 2002 Savage will be offering several different versions of the Model 10-II. To the upper right is a picture of the new guns.

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