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Seating Bullets

Posted by: radron - 12/28/2001 (10:49 a.m.) -
After some wasted testing, I started to seat the bullets down as hard as I could. I made sure the ramrod (after market aluminum) bounced. I was told to seat 'em hard originally but it fell out some where! :-)
On another note if the sabot/bullet starts easily into the rifling (Not the QLA, 1st 3/4 inches) then it will not shoot well. My tests with some bullets but various sabots has proven this to me. Secondly it appears that smokeless needs the "backpressure" to burn properly. If you start getting misfires, take another look at how tight they are going down the bore and make sure you are seated tighly ontop of powder.
Good shooting

Seating bullets
Posted by: TJ - 12/28/2001 (10:47 a.m.) -
st22, I just use the ramrod with a palm saver on the end and seat the bullet with one good push. It is how I load all my front stuffers for the past 25 yrs. The palm saver lets you use the palm of your hand to seat the bullet consistanly. I have talked to the engineer at Savage and he told me that they tried seating with various pressures and more pressure did not make a difference in performance.

Seating bullets
Posted by: Doug/VA - 12/28/2001 (4:44 p.m.) -
The bullet needs to be a tight fit, and will take effort to push down the barrel, that's the main thing, because you need the resistance to get the smokeless load to start burning. But the seating pressure needs to be uniform from one loading to the next, and around 30-50 pounds. You can seat the bullet too hard and crush the powder. I usually seat the bullet as I would in my other muzzleloaders. Uniform charges and uniform seating pressure is one key to good accuracy in any muzzleloader.

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