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What to do First

When you first get your new Savage model 10 or 10-II take the breech plug out and remove the vent liner. Clean the barrel with solvent and a bore brush. If the barrel is rough you might also want to lap the bore with J-B compound. The stainless models are said to be rougher than the blued models. It will taks several hundred passes in a stainless barrel to get it smooth and the wire edge off the rifling.

You then need to apply some anti-seize grease to the vent liner threads, and to the threads on the breach plug. Savage has a bad habit of sending these guns out with the breech plug/vent liner as dry as a bone-don't shoot your gun without putting anti-seize on the threads of both, or you may never be able to remove them. Replace the vent liner in the breech plug slightly snug-don't over tighten. Replace the breech plug in the barrel, and fire a primer through the gun to blow any oil or grease from the plug/barrel.

CAUTION don't fire a primer with a cleaning rod in the barrel. The primer has enough force to shoot the cleaning rod out of the gun with force.

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