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The powders of choice

Posted by: 1SHOT-1KILL - 1/11/2002 (11:39 p.m.) -
Welcome to the board.
The powders of choice are Accurate Arms XMP-5744, IMR-4227 (H-4227 can be used interchangeabily), and VihtaVouri N110. Bullets of choice are Hornday .452 250gr and 300gr XTP's. Sabots are the MMP (Muzzleload magnum Products) .50 cal high pressure sabots and some guys have been getting good results with Hornady .50 cal high pressure sabots.

Two load that seem to shoot well in every 10Ml & 10Ml-II Ive shot is 45 grains of AA XMP-5744, MMP high pressure sabot, and the Hornday .452 250gr XTP. This same load works great with the Hornady .452 300gr XTP. Another good load is 48 grains of IMR-4227, MMP high pressure sabot, and .452 300gr XTP. 44.5 grains of VihtaVouri N110, MMP high pressure sabot, and .452 250gr XTP, is another great load.

A couple of tips; Don't get in a hurry to shot a rapid string of shots. The barrel will heat up quick, like on a centerfire, but unlike a centerfire, there is the sabot to consider. it is the weak link. When the barrel get warm or hot, it heats the sabot. The sabot, in turn, will become soft and pliable. When the sabots become soft and pliable, they will not stand up to the high pressure and velocity, and will blow or burn htru at the base and/or the fingers will shred or tear off. This is devasting to accuracy.

When it comes to positive ignition and good accuracy, the tighter the sabot/bullet fit to bore the better. It may require considerable effort and pressure to ram a sabot/bullet home, more so than you may be accustom to. But seat it firmly on the powder charge and you should not have any problems with ignition. Unlike using BP or Pyrodex, you will feel the positive stop when the sabot/bullet is seated, not the soft spongy feeling you get with BP or Pyrodex, which requires a few extra tamps to fully seat a sabot/bullet. Swabbing or patching is not neccessary for acceptable accuracy, but you may want to do it to get great accuracy.

If you have any questions or need any advice jsut ask. The guys here are outstanding to say the least. And like all of us, we are learning something new time at the range.
Lil' Gun testing

Posted by: 1SHOT-1KILL - 1/11/2002 (10:38 p.m.) -
I haven't done any testing with Lil gun in the 10ML-II since first of the new year, because I've been working on another interesting little project, but that's another post. But Toby Bridges has been shooting every day for the past 2 weeks, with Lil Gun. I am not sure how to tell you guys, or if I should, because eventhough it's not top secret, it is a little hard to beleive, still. 3,032 FPS!!!!

He has been working with Devel 175gr, Knight Red Hots 180gr, 200gr and 220gr bullets. He started at 52 grains of Lil gun and worked up to 63.5 grains. He was using MMP high pressure sabots. With the Knight Red Hot 180gr and 63.5 grains of Lil Gun, he got 3,032 FPS. Accuracy wasn't great at 2.5" at 100yds, though.

He used a load technique that he and I have rtied and discussed, to take care of and keep the pressure off the sabot carrying the bullet, but he went a little further on his method. First he took a razor blade and cut the fingers off a sabot and started in the bore. Then a Ox-Yoke .50 cal Wonder Wad was started and seated on top of the sabots base. The the sabot with bullet was started, and the whole column was seated firmly on the powder charge. Recovered sabots, looked perfect. This was the only he could keep the sabots with the bullet intact.

With the same loading technique discribed above and the Knight 200gr Red Hot, with 61.5 grains of Lil gun he got 2,922 FPS and 1.5" groups. With the 180gr Red Hot and 45 grains (he got his best accuracy with with this load) Lil gun, he got 2,567 FPS and just under 1.5" groups, using the above loading technique.

That about it on the Lil Gun testing so far. I plan on doing some myself, now that I have finished with the special project I was working on. Like I said that is another post.

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