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Cleaning Breech Plug Carbon

Posted by: Toby B - 12/15/2003 (5:24 p.m.) -

Actually, I have not had any problems with carbon building right in the primer pocket or is the passageway between the pocket/chamber and the rear of the vent-liner that becomes clogged with the carbon.

I find that I can easily get that carbon out if I use a simple three drill bit process.

I use 1/8"...a 9/64"...and 5/32" bits. (All have been shortened from the rear so that when chucked all the way into the chuck of my drill, they are not long enough to enter the threaded hole for the vent liner. (Just begin to enter, but stop short.)

I remove the vent liner, then with the breech plug held between two thin pieces of wood in a bench vise (with primer pocket/chamber pointing upward)...I run the 1/8" bit until the chuck makes contact with the rear of the breech plug. Then I follow with the 9/64 bit. and then finish with the 5/32' bit. The passageway is clean and ready for use again.

A shooter could likely get away from using the smallest bit, going right with the 9/64" bit, followed by the 5/32" long as you don't let the passageway become too carboned. I once tried running the 9/64" bit through a remaining 1/16" hole and broke it off. Fortunately, I ran a pin punch in from the vent liner hole and tapped the broken bit out. Removing the carbon by using progressively larger bits is effortless and takes only a couple of minutes. It takes longer to change bits than do the actual drilling.


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