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Scope Ring Question

Posted by: Slufoot - 1/14/2002 (10:34 p.m.) -
David, I've got Leupold QRW bases and medium QRW rings holding a 3-9X40 variX-II Leupold scope on my Savage model 10MLSS-II. I have just over .250" between the barrel and the bell of the scope.
By the way, the Leupold QRW bases are two piece. This set up allows fast removal of the scope for iron sight use and you can quickly reattach the scope with out losing alignment.

Posted by: Anthony - 1/15/2002 (2:32 p.m.) -
I have QRW bases and medium rings on my Savage with a Leupold v-II. The bases part number is 49833 and the rings are 49855. Good luck..

Posted by: Wodduk - 1/14/2002 (10:21 p.m.) -
I understatnd that you like Leupold, I love their scopes too.
But if you want a good mount system for the Savage order the Warne Premier bases and rings.
They are very secure, can be taken off in a moment, and when the scope is returned to the rifle they are dead on.
I only use Leupold scopes, have five, but I use Warne bases and rings on everything.
Hope this helps.

Posted by: Slufoot - 1/17/2002 (8:38 p.m.) -
Graf & Sons has them. Their web site is (
Grafs order # for the Leupold QRW bases is, LP49833. This is the standard finish, the only finish Leupold offers for Savage rifles in the QRW bases.
The 1" QRW rings can be had in standard, matte or silver finishes. Order numbers for the various medium height rings are as follows,
LP49855 = medium standard
LP49856 = medium matte
LP49867 = medium silver
PS, I've got the QRW bases, matte rings and a matte 3-9 vari-xII. In my opinion it makes a very nice looking setup on my stainless Savage.

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