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In 700 Years of development

In 700 years of muzzleloading development, there has never been a muzzleloading rifle
as versatile as the new Savage Model 10ML-II. This ultra-modern, .50 caliber,
bolt-action muzzleloader is the first and only designed and built to be shot with modern
smokeless powders. With prescribed loads of powder such as IMR-4227 and Accurate
Arms XMP5744, the Savage Model 10ML-II performs with far less recoil and greater
downrange energy than any "black powder only" muzzleloader. And thanks to the
characteristics of smokeless powder, the amount of fouling is significantly reduced and
the necessity to clean immediately after shooting is eliminated. Of course, the Savage
10ML-II can be loaded and fired with black powder, Pyrodex, Pyrodex Pellets,
Clean-Shot and other black powder substitutes.

The Savage Model 10ML-II is available in blued and stainless steel. Features include a
precision rifled 24 inch barrel, ignition from a 209 shotshell primer, patented removable
breech plug design, adjustable rear hunting sight, drilled and tapped receiver for easy
scope mounting and a tough, hard working black synthetic stock.

The 10ML uses bullets of either .451 or .452 inch
diameter in fifty caliber magnum sabots. Be sure to
use the magnum sabots, as the cheap soft ones
give unsatisfactory results with the velocities of
which this rifle is capable.

Never try using .44 caliber bullets in the Savage. The sabots blow apart

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